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Labels Plus can produce signage, labelling and engraved product from a variety of materials. The best choice will always depend on the use case. We stock many of the following materials (with the exception of timber), but we're happy to work with client supplied material too.

Anodised Aluminium - a highly attractive, versatile and durable, no maintenance material suitable for plaques, labelling and a wide range of signage applications. Great for exposed outdoor situations, aluminium also looks elegant and modern indoors. Aluminium is an economical option where a high quality metal plaque is required and offer flexibility with location and easy installation.

Stainless Steel - is a durable material with an outstanding contemporary finish. Hardness and handling qualities put it in a pricing bracket above aluminium but still an economical proposition.

Brass - Brass gives a quality traditional look popular with professionals and those looking for a special and prestigious plaque. It is also used for nameplates and labelling for picture frames, works of art and machines. High material costs and manual processing requirements put brass products in a higher price bracket.

Cast Bronze - is extremely durable and suitable to any location. Products are prestigious and will last for generations. The cast letters and graphics stand out from the dark background. Minimum letter sizes apply so talk to us early in the design process to ensure best results.

Plastics - (formerly traffolyte) Specialised highly attractive laminated engraving plastics in a range of colours including metallic finishes are ideal for award plaques, nameplates, labelling, small signs and badges. They give a prestigious and quality finish at a lower cost than metals. These materials are often referred to as Traffolyte which is no longer available. Glass - many glass items can be laser engraved, however we are unable to engrave crystal. Engraved glass has a frosted appearance when lasered.

Wood - looks great when laser engraved, with a pleasing deep natural finish. Acrylic - great to work with for laser cut lettering or making panels, awards and signage. Can be supplied in a range of colours and thicknesses.

Plastic product - some plastic products can be laser engraved with our Fibre Mark equipment. This gives a great finish and you can get the fine detail in your logo and small text. Often used on faceplates in the data cabling industry. Where a specific colour is required we can deep engrave and colour fill.

ACM - Aluminium Composite Material has a polyethylene core sandwiched between 2 thin aluminium panels. The result is a light weight sheet with excellent flatness and flexural stiffness, which is ideal for interior and exterior applications.

Foam PVC board - Polyvinyl chloride. This plastic is very affordable to make and can easily be adapted to a wide variety of applications. PVC is used in a number of specific types of material, including PVC foam board. It is a very cost effective way of of producing an indoor or temporary outdoor and packaging sign.

Vinyl - a great media for digital print and vinyl cut lettering. We have a large range of types and colours to suit all requirements. Laminate - we suggest all digital signage is laminated and have a range of laminates on hand to suit all use cases.

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This list is by no means exhaustive so if you have a query please give us a call on 0508 33 44 77 or send an enquiry.

We have an ongoing requirement for a reliable supplier of quality engraving and resin badges. We've been with Labels Plus since 1998. Our clients are almost without exception impressed with the quality of the results of Labels Plus' work and the proof is in the repeat business we get. We do thousands of items from badges to golf measurement stakes to USB's to pocket knives. Labels Plus help to make us and therefore our clients look great!

Courtesy of Labels Plus' in-house artwork sign-off process we largely achieve peace of mind so that hiccups, re-work and delays are primarily avoided. For the few problems we have had, Labels Plus' response has always been swift and helpful in putting things right.

Labels Plus are always accommodating for special requests such as accelerated lead times or left field requirements, and it is hugely appreciated.

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